The engine is the heart of your equipment. When fuel burns within the engine it generates power which is transmitted to the hydraulic system and transmission; simultaneously heat is also generated. The engine has many fast moving components which are subject to wear and tear due to friction. An efficient lubrication system is essential to offset both the friction and the heat.

John Deere equipment are equipped with an advanced lubrication system which use a specially formulated engine oil.

John Deere engine oil is a perfect blend of specially formulated additives and base oil which ensures reduced wear and tear, minimizes harmful deposits and dissipates heat, resulting in longer, trouble-free life and enhanced performance of the engine.


  • Specially formulated transmission oil for your John Deere equipment
  • Inhibits oxidation, deposit, corrosion and wear, with superior soot control
  • Longer Engine life
  • Low maintenance
  • Cost effective
  • Superior engine performance

John Deere equipment's transmission system consists of hi-tech, precision engineered gear trains that work in synergy to transfer power from engine to the wheels and to the PTO shaft. These gear trains need to be well lubricated for efficient power transmission and minimal wear and tear due to friction and heat.

Good lubrication and optimum operating temperatures ensure high power transfer efficiency, productivity and long maintenance-free life of gears and transmission system components.

John Deere Transmission Oil is a specially formulated lube-oil that meets the performance requirements of all the multi-functions of your John Deere equipment. Its excellent anti-friction and anti-weld agents make it ideal for high-torque power trains used in John Deere equipment.


  • Specially formulated transmission oil your John Deere equipment
  • Longer transmission life
  • Smooth gear shifting
  • Less wear and tear
  • Superior performance under wide range of operating temperatures
  • Protects against deposits, rust & corrosion